Roadtrip through Canada: Yoho National Park


Yoho National Park

When you think about Yoho National Park, Emerald Lake will probably be one of the first things that will pop into your mind. This is of course one of the lakes you must visit when you visit Yoho National Park. When you arrive at the lake, just take a minute to enjoy the scenery. Don’t mind all the tourists, but just focus on the lake and the mountains surrounding it. The lake is definitely its name worthy. I’ve never seen a lake with such a beautiful colour. After these first impressions, take you time to hike around the lake. You will have some calmer areas where you truly enjoy the scenery.

The river associated with Yoho Park is the Kicking Horse River. You simply can’t miss it as it passes the Trans-Canada highway several times. When you drive up the road to Emerald Park, you can take a stop to see a bridge that was naturally created by river due to erosion.  For the adventurous people who don’t mind the cold, you can even go rafting on the river. We didn’t do this as I’m not that good with the cold. Rafting a river existing mostly of glacier water therefore wasn’t really a must-do on our trip.

In Yoho National Park, there are also several waterfalls you can visit. We made a quick stop a the Takakkaw falls. Once you reach the lookout point at the base, the waterfall is quite impressive to see.  As this lookout point is very easy to reach, it can get busy here. Due to limited time we had, we weren’t able to visit the Wapta waterfalls. As this is one of the largest waterfalls in Canada, I can only imagine the amazing view you get!

When researching our trip, I found that lake O’Hara is also a must visit in Yoho National Park. However, take into account that access to this lake is limited and you must make reservations. Unfortunately, I found out too late and we weren’t able to visit the lake. So if you’re reading this ahead of time, make your reservations! 😉

Have you ever visited Yoho National Park? What were your highlights/must-visits/experiences?


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