Roadtrip through Canada: Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park

The most difficult hike we’ve done on this trip was in Glacier National Park. But oh boy, what was this hike satisfying! The Abbott Ridge hike will take you 1000m higher during a 6km hike. Somewhere in the middle of this hike, you can take a break at Marion Lake. This place will already give you a (very) small preview of the view you’ll get at the top.

Shortly after Marion lake, the road will split. You can take a longer, less steep road to the top. Or a shorter, but steeper road. Of course, we’ve chosen the second option to go further as it seemed more adventurous.  As you go higher, the trees grow less dense and smaller, giving you an amazing overview of the surrounding mountains. After this steep climb, we reached a meadow where took a short break to just enjoy our surroundings. We were on the final part of our hike to the top. Once we reached the top, you get such a rush. You really feel like you’re at the top of the world!

When you go up, you of course also need to go back down. This is always my least favorite part of hiking. Taking a less steep road seemed like a good idea, so we took the long way back. This way, we also wouldn’t miss a thing. This path crosses what I think is an avalanche area. In this area we were lucky to spot our first wild animal on this trip: a marmot. Can you spot him on the pictures?

Every time I think back on this hike, I remember the difficulty of the hike, but also the amazing things I’ve experienced and seen. Have you already visited Glacier Park? What trails did you hike?



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