Roadtrip through Canada: Manning Park & Penticton









After our visit to Vancouver, our roadtrip through Western Canada started. First stop on our itinerary: Penticton. As the drive from Vancouver to Penticton is quite a long one (almost 400km), we added several stops to this trip.

Hope is a small town, somewhere in the middle between Manning Park and Vancouver. In books we found several reasons to take a stop in this town (did you know that Rambo was filmed here?). However, we needed to stop for an entire different reason. The memory card of the camera was quite limited and we forgot to bring the USB cord. So we made a stop here to see if we could find a USB cord in some store. Eventually, we found one in the local hardware store owned by a friendly German. It’s always fun to meet people, hear their stories, etc. After the stop to the hardware store, we also stopped in the park just to take a break from driving and to relax a little bit. In the end, there isn’t much to see, but it’s an ideal place to stop during such a long journey. And sometimes, you get to meet people and hear fantastic stories!

Manning Park
Our second stop of the day was in Manning Park. There are quite a lot of hiking trails in this park. Some are very long going all the way to the boarder with the U.S.A, others are shorter. We chose to hike some of the shorter trails, as we still had to drive a long way. The trail we’ve chosen was the one around Lightning Lake. The hike wasn’t that difficult and you had a beautiful view while walking around the lake. As we had planned some longer and more difficult hikes in other parks, this was the ideal warm-up! Don’t forget to bring your picknick, as you have a lot of places where you can eat around the lake. But please clean up afterwards – think of the animals and nature.

We also drove up all the way to the Cascade lookout, where you had an incredible view of the surrounding mountains. You could even see some mountains that were situated in the U.S.A., which was some quite far away. We were also lucky to spot some bird and a chipmunk while we were at this lookout spot.

After our hike in Manning Park, our journey to Penticton continued. During this drive we saw the landscape changing from green, full with trees to a more rocky, drier landscape. After a long drive, we arrived late at night in Penticton. As it was already dark, there wasn’t much we could do to explore the area. We found a nice Italian restaurant (Villa Rosa Ristorante). The meal was delicious and the Canadian wine did surprise us (in a good way!). The next day we took some time to stop and check out the different lakes in this region. It was truly beautiful to see this blue lakes, sunny sky. I immediately thought I was somewhere in the South of Europe. As we had a long way to go to Revelstoke, we didn’t had that much time to explore the region more. However, if you also make a roadtrip through Canada, I can truly recommend you to make a stop in this region!









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