Roadtrip through Canada: Vancouver

Our roadtrip through West-Canada started and ended in Vancouver. My first thought on this city? It has the perfect mix of a city vibe, but there is still enough green and quietness. I absolutely loved it! As we were only 2,5 days in the city, we had to select what we wanted to do. Read further to see what my top 5 things are when visiting Vancouver.

1. Stanley Park

When doing my research on what to do in Vancouver, Stanley Park popped up everywhere as a must do. I have to agree, this park is incredibly beautiful and a place you indeed must go to when visiting Vancouver. “Why?” you may wonder? First of all, it is the ideal place to have an active start to your trip. You can walk through the park, around the seawalls, etc. You can also rent bicycles and cycle around the seawalls. Secondly, it’s an oasis of calmness. I find it pretty crazy that such a big city as Vancouver, has such a big park. In the park you can enjoy the view from the Lionsgate bridge, or take a peak at the totem poles. I really suggest to take your time to visit the park, bring a picnic and relax!

2. Granville Island

We visited Granville Island at the end of our trip. As we still had some time before we needed to head for the airport, we popped in for a visit. I have to admit, parking on Granville Island is just terrible. As it’s quite a touristy place, an open parking spot is quite difficult to find. However, on the island itself you can find quite a diverse mix of shops. You have a food market, several art shops, coffee bars, etc. The ideal place to stroll around.

3. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

“An oasis of calmness”, that’s the best way to describe the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese gardens. Once your inside the garden, I found it quite hard to believe this place is right in the city center. You can stroll around the garden, admire the pond (perhaps spot a turtle) and just relax for a bit. I have to warn you – getting there – we accidentally took a route through not such a pretty side of Vancouver. But hey, you have to experience everything from Vancouver, right?

4. Gastown

What I loved the most about Gastown, was the vibe this place has. The cobblestones, the style of shops and buildings, it creates a certain vibe that I just loved. You can just wander around the streets, see the steam clock, or just pop in some shops, a bar or a coffee bar.

5. Lynn Canyon

While the Capilliano Suspension Bridge was often recommended as a must visit, we opted to go to Lynn Canyon. This park also has a suspension bridge – all be it a much smaller one – it’s also less touristy and you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. The bridge isn’t as long as the Capilliano Suspension Bridge, but for someone that is afraid of heights, it was long enough. Besides the bridge, you can also hike several trails.




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